"Claro Austria...is hilarious and energetic every moment he is on stage."                    

                                - Broadway World, 9/25/2017

"Austria flies into high dudgeon and slashes his arms in a series of martial arts commands before dispatching the miscreant. This anachronistic break through the fourth wall goes over fabulously with the audience."

                          - Syracuse Newtimes, 9/27/2017

"Austria tackles .....with glee, panache, and a few flips; put-upon servant mixes with antic kid in a sleek, winning performance."      

                                       - Ithaca Times, 7/2/2014

"Small, svelte and acrobatic, Claro Austria is a veritable Puck, full of witty surprises. He charms with a silly dignity and oh-so-French accent ...."

                             - ithacajournal.com, 7/2/2014

​"Claro Austria, a gleeful, manic, ever-tumbling Puck who drew gasps when he vaulted onto the shoulders of Sullivan."

                             - Orlando Sentinel, 4/28/2013

"Austria's performance also brands the entire production: exhilaratingly physical and studded with theatrical surprises."

               - The Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/14/ 2009​

Claro Austria