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The Three Musketeers

Syracuse Stage


"Claro Austria, as Planchet, is hilarious and energetic every moment he is on stage.  Thanks to his impressive fighting technique and agility, he steals the spotlight in one of the fight scenes."

- Broadway World, 9/25/2017


"When one bully refers to him as "Pipsqueak," Austria flies into high dudgeon and slashes his arms in a series of martial arts commands before dispatching the miscreant. This anachronistic break through the fourth wall goes over fabulously with the audience." 

- Syracuse Newstimes, 9/27/2017


Around the World in 80 Days

Hangar Theater

"We tumble delightfully forward with bravura moments including a delay as Passepartout is plied with opium as actor Claro Austria tips and totters in hilarious bemusement.  Austria tackles Passepartout with glee, panache, and a few flips; put-upon servant mixes with antic kid in a sleek, winning performance" 

- Ithaca Times, 7/2/2014


​"Austria's work as Passepartout, often considered to be the "plum" role of the piece, could be a study in facial expression, physical gesture, and all-out stage athleticism.  He's that good."

-, 6/28/2014

"Passepartout's irresistibly elegant.  Small, svelte and acrobatic, Claro Austria is a veritable Puck, full of witty surprises. He charms with a silly dignity and oh-so-French accent (the Apaches wanted to make him a 'chef,' and he repeatedly consults his reliable pocket watch, his 'timepiss')."  

-, 7/2/2014


Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra & Orlando Shakespeare Theater

"Also reprising his role was Claro Austria, a gleeful, manic, ever-tumbling Puck who drew gasps when he vaulted onto the shoulders of Sullivan."

- Orlando Sentinel, 4/28/2013


A Midsummer Night's Dream,

Orlando Shakespeare Theater

"with the agility of an acrobat and the ability to switch from conniving and petulant to innocent and wistful in the blink of an eye, Claro Austria shines as mischievous Puck."

​​ - ​​Artsblog, 2/1/2011​​​

"punctuated only by the swift and muscular machinations of Claro Austria's Puck, who maneuvers with cartoon-like speed, seemingly appearing in several places at once."

​ - Orlando Weekly, 2/9/2011


A Midsummer Night's Dream

Pennyslvania Shakespeare Festival

"The Shakespeare Festival's Puck is Claro Austria, a compact actor with an intriguing face and a frame as muscular as the performance he gives. His acrobatic Puck feels, but seems rarely to think - an innocent left to tame the night using intuition and his own naive wiles. Austria's performance also brands the entire production: exhilaratingly physical and studded with theatrical surprises." 

- The Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/14/2009

The ethereal quality is epitomized by Claro Austria, who, as a very buff and eager-faced Puck, seems to defy gravity and certainly gravitas with one-armed flips, deft tumbles and trampoline-like leaps over set pieces."

- The Press Newspapers, 7/28/2009

"With the help of his wildly energetic, acrobatic, joyful assistant Puck (Claro Austria) who spends lots of time catapulting through the air or perched on Oberon as they observe the mortals, the two cook up some mischief to visit on Titania. The results are hilarious.​  A night with Oberon and Titania, Puck, and the faeries will leave you enchanted, wishing for more, and wondering if you dreamt it all."  

​- Philadelphia Performing Arts Examiner​, 7/24/2009

"The shining star, however, was Robin Goodfellow, better known as Puck, played by Claro Austria, who also played the role of Philostrate. He was irresistibly charming, the quintessential Puck, incorporating athletic dance and wit into the character.​"

- Kurtztown to Allentown, 7/28/2009

"....and Claro Austria's petite Puck an astonishing powerhouse of leaps and tumbles." -, 7/16/2009

"Claro Austria is marvelously agile and compelling as Puck, Oberon's mysterious underworld spirit." ​

-, 7/14/2009

"The show was spectacular and in my mind, the mischievous sprite named Puck, played by Claro Austria, stole the show.  Claro's athleticism and talent really came to life as he used a magic love potion on several lost lovers in the woods.​"

- Lehigh Valley Insight, 7/13/2009




A Midsummer Night's Dream   

Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum

"Claro Austria's brilliantly agile Puck is fascinating to watch."

- LA Weekly


"Puck, played to perfection by Claro Austria, changes Nick Bottom into an ass."

- Ocean Park Gazette, 6/17/2004


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